Sydney Anger Management Counselling, Courses & Classes

We are currently not scheduling Anger Management Courses. However, we do offer one to one anger management counselling and you can get the same outcomes from personalised anger-management counselling sessions, conducted one-one-one. Contact our office for more info.

courses in men and women's anger counselling

Are you looking for an anger management course or class in Sydney or its surrounding suburbs?

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Sydney Anger Management Counselling represents a group of caring, professional and highly qualified counsellors who have significant experience working with anger management issues.

As well as anger management courses and group-orientated classes we also offer ‘one-on-one’ anger management counselling services which we can tailor to your individual needs at 20 locations.

Our personalised approach to your anger management issues means that we can be more responsive to your particular issues and find the counsellor best suited to your needs.

To find out more about our counselling and psychology service, please call our central bookings and information line on (02) 8002 1040. Our intake officer will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and will help you find a path to a less angry life.

What participants say

“Dear Esperanza, Thank you for a life-changing Life Lesson in 6 parts. I am better for it: understanding (slowly) why I do what I do, and how to not do what I’ve been doing all my life… You have shown me simple (although not easy) adjustments to make in my life and relationships. I hope to be a more considerate person as a result. Thank you. Regards, David.”