Anger Management Counselling Sydney – Jealousy & Anger

jealous partners

If you experience jealousy as a strong emotion you will know the feeling of it overtaking you and leaving you at its mercy. At times you will feel that jealousy rules your thoughts and actions, whilst wishing you could calm down so that you could better consider the situation. If jealousy is a strong feeling state for you, then like many people, you will also know the feelings of anger and resentment that come with it.

At times you may feel that you have a right to be angry and you may even wish to end your pain by using your anger against the people you feel are hurting you. This combination of anger and jealousy or envy may leave you feeling so betrayed that you can think of no other option but to seek retribution. Or you may feel so discouraged that you can think of no other option but to harm yourself to end the pain, or perhaps to send a signal those who have hurt you. Ultimately, you end up feeling unresolved.

If you have such difficulty managing jealousy and anger, then you are faced with a dangerous cocktail of emotions which can leave you feeling spiraling out of control. If you want to get a grip of your jealousy, your anger or your self destructive ways of coping, contact the sydney anger management counsellors at

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