Sydney Anger Management Counselling – Feeling Unsafe or Needy

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Many people experience anger at times when they feel that they need something from another person which isn’t being offered.

For instance, you may feel concerned or frightened when your partner leaves you alone for too long, forgets to call or when they are showing interest in someone or something else in preference to you.

If you have been let down in relationships in the past you may have developed a sensitivity to these sort of experiences. If your past partner or parent have been dismissive of your needs at such times this can escalate your feelings of need and your frustration. You may feel yourself in a bind – on the one hand you want some care, attention or closeness and on the other hand the very person you need it from is being resentful, dismissive or irritated by your need.

When these sorts of experiences repeat themselves many people start to react more and more angrily. A repetitive situation of gridlock develops – you are looking for some care, yet you end up screaming or criticising your partner.

If these feelings or angry feelings related to other issues are troubling you call us to have chat. We can explain the anger management counselling options available at our Sydney offices. Call Sydney (02) 8002 1040