Drinking & Anger

counselling for alcohol and anger

Most of us get a bit silly or rowdy when drunk. We might say things we wouldn’t normally say or do things we wouldn’t be caught dead doing if we were sober. This is because alcohol use lessens your inhibitions and impairs your ability to use the normal social constraints which govern our daily social interactions.

If you are someone who is easily agitated or prone to aggression or angry outbursts then you will probably find that these tendencies are extenuated when you are drunk. Anger and alcohol don’t mix well. You may become more aggressive more quickly, you might find yourself starting fights, or even lashing out at friends. Pub fights are not uncommon when anger issues are mixed with alcohol, and sometimes the police get involved.

If you think your anger management issues get worse when you are drunk, or you think you might have a problem with over drinking or binge drinking, then you should consider seeing a counsellor or psychologist who can help you with both issues.  When alcohol and anger mix, they can be a toxic combination. Help yourself before you find that your relationships have broken down, your friends no longer want to take you to the pub or the police have charged you with drunken assault.  There is a better way to live and drink.

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