Anger Management Counselling & Family Change

angry responses

Significant change in the family can often lead to an increase in stress. Now think of stress as something that raises your level of irritation – once that irritation continues for a long time, you become more short-tempered and for many people anger starts to escalate.

Significant changes in the family can include events like:

–    The birth of a child
–    Loss of employment or a return to work
–    Moving ones home or neighbourhood
–    A death or illness or change in health
–    Retirement or aging
–    A change in living conditions – children, flatmates, in-laws moving in or out
–    Marriage or divorce

All of these changes can have a significant effect on ones sense of stability, comfort and safety. For some people the response to such changes can be anger. If you feel that you react angrily, rather than effectively communicating your needs, you are not alone. Many people struggle to communicate effectively under pressure and these are skills that can and must be learnt – they do not come ‘naturally’. Feel free to call us to talk about how anger management counselling may be able to help you cope better.

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