Angry at Work

i get angry at work

Do you ever yell at your co-workers? Do you find yourself seething at the incompetence of your work colleagues? Are your colleagues scared to approach you with problems?

Our working lives tend to be filled with high levels of responsibility and stress. Stress can make you prone to anger, and, if you have difficulty controlling your angry emotions you might find yourself flying off the handle at work, and engaging in inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Uncontrolled or inappropriately expressed workplace anger creates a negative working environment for others, makes it difficult for people to work with you and respond to your needs, and may ultimately get you fired!

Don’t let your stress and anger get the better of you!

A qualified anger management counsellor or psychologist can help you:-

-relieve stress
-identify your angry triggers
-learn better ways of communicating with work colleagues
-learn calming skills

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